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Debra Marcotte, Seacoast Waldorf SchoolDebra Marcotte
1st Grade Teacher

Ms. Marcotte was first introduced to Waldorf Education many years ago, when she was a nanny for two children who attended the Tomte Gubben School (now the Monadnock Waldorf School) in Nelson, NH. She hoped that one day, when she had a family of her own, her children could attend a Waldorf School.

As it happened, she did not live in proximity to one, and so that was not a possibility. She lived on the seacoast, but Seacoast Waldorf School was not yet born, and her children were too old to attend when it came into being. However, when she decided to home school her youngest son, a Waldorf-based curriculum was the next best thing, and so her journey toward becoming a Waldorf teacher continued.

Through the years, Ms. Marcotte worked with children of all ages in many capacities – as a Sunday school teacher, church youth leader, camp director, acting teacher, literacy coach and para-educator.

She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Writing from Granite State College the same year her youngest son, whom she still homeschooled, graduated from high school. She entered the world of public education as a Title One Reading teacher, and after one year, knew she needed to work with children in a different way.

And so, she decided to apply to and was accepted into, the Waldorf Teacher Certification program at Antioch University of New England. Her training brought her to Tidewater as an intern. Now she is very happy to continue on her Waldorf journey with this year’s First Grade class.

Ms. Marcotte has two grown sons, both of whom still live in the area. She looks forward to adding the title of Grandma to her name when her oldest son and daughter-in-law decide to make that possible!

She enjoys her children and family, the theater, especially musical theater, singing, sewing and crafting, camping, hiking and the outdoors, and her wonderful group of lifelong friends.

Dennis Drennan, 2nd/3rd Grade Teacher

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Tricia FreyTricia Frey
Beach Pea Nursery Lead Teacher, LightHouse Parent-Child Program Teacher

Tricia’s background is in the theater, the corporate world and baking and she left these endeavors to pursue her interest in working with children. Tricia holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hofstra University in NY. She worked for 14 years as a production stage manager, company manager and actress throughout New England. She helped open Sweet Dreams Bakery in Stratham and worked there for several years. While in California for nine years, Tricia worked for Whole Foods Market in their marketing department. She has completed the LifeWays Training, was Seacoast Waldorf School’s extended day teacher for two years and now she is the Beach Pea Nursery teacher and LightHouse parent/child teacher. She has a special fondness for the very youngest children and hopes to work with babies and toddlers when Seacoast Waldorf is ready to design a program for that age group.

When not at SWS, Tricia works in the gardens at Strawbery Banke as a garden interpreter. She enjoys reading, swimming and working in her yard.  In January she will be starting her eighth year at Seacoast Waldorf School.

Wendy Marciniak, Sandpiper Nursery Lead Teacher, Lighthouse Parent-Child Program Teacher

Erica TaylorErica Taylor
Handwork Teacher

Erica comes to SWS holding a Bachelor’s Degree with honors in English and Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She was previously both a librarian and a birth doula, and continues to be active in the perinatal field. Erica is currently enrolled in a Foundation Studies group at the Upper Valley Waldorf School in preparation for a Master’s Degree in Waldorf Education.

Her experience with Handwork go back to her earliest childhood. Erica was raised in a family of knitters, quilters, seamstresses and musicians, and she has spent her life learning and loving these and other art forms.

Erica lives in Kittery, Maine with her husband and three young children, the oldest of whom is a very enthusiastic Sea Star this year. Erica enjoys crafting, music, gardening, and spending time in nature.

Greg Bennett, Spanish Language Teacher

Greg Bennett, Spanish Language Teacher

Tailor Ransom, German Language Teacher

photo (1)Tailer grew up in Concord, New Hampshire and currently lives in coastal NH.  He graduated with a BA in Philosophy and Psychology and a minor in German from the University of New Hampshire.  In addition to his domestic language experience, he also spent a semester of his education studying at the University of Salzburg in Upper Austria and traveling in the surrounding Spachraum.

Tailer is also an avid guitar, banjo and mandolin player, which he incorporates into his lessons whenever possible.  The German lessons are centered around the use of songs, games and full immersion techniques that stress interaction and communication (rather than just rote memorization and recapitulation)

Martha A. CoombsMartha A. Coombs, M.A.
Sea Star Mixed Age Kindergarten Teacher, Spacial Dynamics(TM), Movement Education Teacher

Martha has been with Seacoast Waldorf School since 2002. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and a Master of Education in Early Childhood, Special Needs from the University of New Hampshire. She is a 2011 graduate of the Level I, Spacial Dynamics Institute In-Service Training Program (IS9). Spacial Dynamics Institute, Inc. is located in Mechanicville, NY and operates training programs world wide.

Martha’s career includes work with children and adults of all ages in a variety of educational and athletic settings. She has over 30 years of coaching and teaching experience. She also coordinates the Summer Program for Seacoast Waldorf School which offers children’s programming during June and July each summer.

Martha lives in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire with her husband Jeff and two daughters, Drucilla and Isobel.

Ashley Heffron, Sea Star Mixed Age Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

Maggie Moses

Maggie Moses
Beach Pea Assistant, Aftercare Teacher

Maggie Moses  is a graduate of York High School who brings a strong positive energy, creativity, and a love of children to the classroom. Maggie began her career in child care while still in high school. For two years she was in charge of the aftercare program at the Herne School in York. She simultaneously apprenticed under local artist Will Cung where she refined her wonderful artistic abilities.

After graduating high school, Maggie sought a new challenge that would expand her world view, and so set off for Munster, Germany where she was an Au Pair for 1 year. Maggie loved learning about a different culture, making new friends, and gaining a new perspective. She is excited for the upcoming year and looking forward to teaching using the Waldorf approach.


Deirdre McEachern, Personal Coach and Career CoachDeirdre McEachern, M.Phil.

Before becoming Director of the Seacoast Waldorf School, Deirdre served as President of Board of Trustees for the Seacoast Waldorf Association, as well as on the Development and Outreach committees for Seacoast Waldorf School.  Deirdre is also an award-winning, Master-Certified Career and Life Coach, Author of “You Only Live Once: Create the Life You Want” and frequent speaker on Waldorf Education.

Deirdre received her master’s degree in mediation and conflict resolution from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. And has served as adjunct professor of sociology at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. Deirdre has also been certified by The Highlands Group to administer The Highland’s Natural Ability Battery, an innate skills assessment. Deirdre has given presentations, led trainings and delivered workshops for people in the U.S., Europe, Australia, the Philippines and India.

In her free time, Deirdre enjoys creating fun adventures with her two young children, her husband and their golden retriever.

Karen WieseKaren Wiese
Operations Manager

Karen owned and operated a popular restaurant for years in Portsmouth prior to working at Seacoast Waldorf School. She has worked in our aftercare program, was Administrative Assistant for a number of years and Office Manager. She is one of the founding families; her son, Sam attended Tidewater Waldorf School from Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Karen is an avid reader, walker, house fixer-upper and loves to travel when she gets the chance.


 Francesca Brescianini

Sandpiper Nursery Assistant Teacher, Aftercare Lead Teacher

Francesca is very happy to start her second year as Ms. Wendy’s  assistant in Sandpiper nursery, where she also runs the aftercare program. Originally from Modena, a town in northern Italy, she moved to New Hampshire at the end of August 2010 to be with her husband Martin, a professor of English at UNH. In her “previous” life in Italy, Francesca has been a teacher for 16 years, starting first with young ones, 2 to 6, in private and public schools. In 2004 she moved to public elementary schools (age 6 to 10) as a specialist teacher and her work was mainly to teach English to Italian children. Francesca learnt first about Waldorf education many years ago, but it was with the birth of her son James in 2005 that she started appreciating and wanting to know more about it. She wasn’t able to take James to the Waldorf mixed age kindergarten in her hometown for very practical reasons, but this dream came true at Seacoast Waldorf this year, where James is a very happy third grader. In her spare time , Francesca is mostly seen with knitting needles on her lap. Her yarn stash is impressively growing, so she must keep knitting! She also likes walking in the woods  , reading  picture books and poetry books for children and speaking Italian mostly by herself , just for the sound of it….

Allison Magill
Violin and Strings Teacher

Alison began playing the violin at age 6 and continued her private studies throughout her college career, where she branched out from classical into jazz and blues. She played viola with the UNH Symphony Orchestra and after college, began to explore the wide and varied world of fiddle music! She and her husband owned and operated an acoustic music store for 14 years. She has been the director of the strings program at Seacoast Waldorf School since 2009 and also teaches private violin and viola lessons from her home studio