School Mission & Objectives

Vision Statement

The Seacoast Waldorf School is a thriving community that honors and supports people of all economic classes, races, religions, creeds, nationalities and ethnic origins.

Mission Statement

The Seacoast Waldorf School is committed to providing a holistic education that holds a deep reverence for and understanding of the development of the child as a physical, intellectual, social and spiritual being; making relevant in our times the Waldorf philosophy of Rudolf Steiner.


  1. Educate and nurture children through eighth grade using Waldorf philosophy and curriculum.
  2. Create a diverse and supportive community; based on the principles of healthy social development, whose task is to uphold the school physically, educationally, socially and spiritually.
  3. Provide adult educational opportunities, focusing on parenting, teaching, spirituality and the arts.
  4. Foster connections with community organizations that resonate with our mission.
  5. Honor our relationship with the earth by cultivating an awareness of nature and responsibility for the environment.
  6. Support the fine and practical arts and to promote the notion that artistic activity is necessary for the development of the whole person.