Recommended Reading

In the past 20 years, Waldorf has become the largest private-school movement in the world, and Waldorf methods are now being taken up by a growing number of homeschooling families and public charter and magnet schools throughout the US. But why is an approach to education that was developed in 1919 by an Austrian researcher and educator so relevant to today's world? Read the Wisdom of Waldorf article in Mothering Magazine(PDF). The following books are available at many area libraries:
  • Waldorf Education-A Family Guide Pamela Fenner/Karen Rivers
  • You Are Your Child's First Teacher Rahima Baldwin
  • School As a Journey Torin Finser
  • Learning To Learn: Interviews With Waldorf Graduates Paul Margulies
  • Waldorf Education; From the Inside Out Jack Petrash
  • Beyond The Rainbow Bridge Barbara Patterson/Pam Bradley
  • Education Towards Freedom Frans Carlgren