Tuition & Fees

2015-2016 Programs & Tuition

Tuition is set by the Board of Trustees at a level to meet the cost of operations.

For the 2015-2016 school year, the tuition and fees are as follows.

(All costs per year, unless otherwise noted)

Lighthouse Parent/Child Programs

Ages 18 months – 3 years
1 day per week, 6 – 10 week sessions, fees vary depending on session.
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Early Childhood Programs

Sandpiper and Beach Pea Nurseries, 2- 3 year-old program

Sea Star Mixed Age Kindergarten, 5-6 year-old program

8:30 – noon or 8:30-3:00pm

8:30am-12 noon

  • 2-Day Morning Program: $3,998
  • 3-Day Morning Program: $5,125
  • 4-Day Morning Program: $6,407
  • 5-Day Morning Program: $7,432

Add the full-day afternoon option from 12 noon-3:00pm

  • 1 day $769
  • 2 days $1,538
  • 3 days $2,307
  • 4 days $3,075
  • 5 days $3,844

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Elementary Grades

5 days 8:30am – 3pm (Thurs. 12:30pm dismissal)
Grades 1 – 6: $10,763
Age Requirements for Grade School:
Grade 1: age 6 by June 1
Grade 2: age 7 by June 1
Grade 3: age 8 by June 1
Grade 4: age 9 by June 1
Grade 5: age 10 by June 1
Grade 6: age 11 by June 1

(Grades 7-8, tba as these classes are added)

More Info |2015-2016 application packet

SIBLING DISCOUNT:  For families enrolling an additional child, a five (5%) percent discount  is offered if they are enrolled in a program of three or more days, ten (10%) percent for a third child enrolled, and fifteen (15%) percent for four or more children enrolled.

Students who receive tuition assistance may not receive sibling discount.




Care for your child(ren) is available from one to five days a week. For more than one day of the week, add days to get a yearly dollar total.

For example:  If you send your child for aftercare from 3-4:30 every Tuesday and Thursday you will add $432 + $432 for a total of $864 for the entire year.  

                                                   (31)Mondays  (36)Tuesdays  (36)Wednesdays  (36)Thursdays      (35)Fridays

3:00pm-4:30pm                          $372                    $432                            $432                          $432                               $420  

3:00pm-5:30pm                         $620                      $720                          $720                           $720                             $700


Payments and Fees

In order for Seacoast Waldorf School to meet its financial obligations tuition must be paid in a timely manner. Tuition not paid on an annual schedule may be paid semi-annually or monthly through the FACTS Tuition Management Program. Please contact the Business Office for any questions about tuition and fees.


1. One payment:   Payment in full by June 1, 2015 by check or through FACTS.  No fees incurred.

2. Two payments June 2015 and January 2016  (FACTS enrollment fee of $10)

3. Ten monthly payments June 2015 – March 2016 (FACTS enrollment fee of $43)

4. Twelve monthly payments June 2015 – May 2016  (FACTS enrollment fee of $43)

There is a one-time $300 fee for the Capital Improvement Fund for newly enrolling families.



  • Application Fee                     $   60

  • Enrollment Deposit              $  300   (Due with contract and deducted from total tuition)

  • Capital Improvement Fee    $ 300     (One-time per family, non-refundable, due at initial acceptance.)


  • Instrument Rentals: Beginning in 3rd grade all students play a stringed instrument.  The office can make suggestions where you can rent or buy an instrument.

  • Field Trips: Occasionally there may be small charges for outside field trips.

  • Annual Appeal Drive: Each year parents, faculty, staff and friends of the school are asked to give to our Annual Appeal fundraising drive. The money raised helps offset the costs of running the school. (tuition only covers about %     of our operating budget)  The amount given at each family’s discretion, but we do expect 100%  participation from our community. Gifts are tax deductible.

  • Private tutoring


Financial aid assistance is available to families with children in the Kindergarten who are rising first graders (age 6 by June 1) or in the elementary school.  Funding for tuition assistance is need-based and limited, therefore we cannot guarantee availability of awards for all who apply.  The School uses FACTS to apply for tuition assistance.  Please apply online at immediately after acceptance or re-enrollment to the school.  You will be notified if you have been awarded financial aid.