Lighthouse Parent/Child Class

Lighthouse Parent/Child Class

Providing a warm and supportive children’s class with parents, facilitated by an experienced Waldorf early childhood educator.

For parents and children ages 12 months to three years, this 6-10 week parent/child class meets one morning each week. This is a gentle introduction to the beautiful Waldorf preschool environment and a welcoming, supportive atmosphere for parents.

The purpose of the parent/child class is to provide a bridge between home life and school; it is an opportunity for parents to come together with their children to experience the rhythm and techniques of Waldorf early childhood education. For some parents this is their first experience of the beauty of Waldorf education and the program provides opportunities to ask questions and learn more.

Children come and delight in the special attention given to support their evolving interests, motor development, problem solving skills, social interaction, creativity, speech and language development and unfolding social capacities.

Parents delight in spending the morning watching their child’s abilities develop while sharing songs, games and cooking a warm, wholesome snack with your child while also enjoying the company of other adults, exchanging ideas and discovering new tips for parenting and care giving.

Program Schedule is Mondays and Fridays  9:00am – 11:30am. The upcoming sessions are:

Winter Session III

Mondays, January 8  – February 19; 6 weeks  (no class 1/15)   $180

Fridays, January 12– February 23; 6 weeks   $180

Spring Session IV

Mondays, March 5 – April 9; 6 weeks    $180

Fridays, May 9 – April 13; 5 weeks   $150

Spring Session V

Mondays, April 23 – June 4; 6 weeks (no class 5/28)   $180

Fridays, April 27 – June 1; 6 weeks   $180

Lighthouse Application 2017-2018

Call 207-686-3140 to enroll.

“I spent an entire year attending sequential Parent/Child Lighthouse classes with my daughter before she entered nursery school. It was such a lovely experience for both of us.  It was so precious to be able to “go to school” along with her once a week and watch her blossom in front of my eyes. It was a protected, beautiful morning amid the hustle and bustle of the rest of the week.   I still look back on that year of Lighthouse classes with fondness. The fact that she seamlessly entered nursery school when the time came with no separation anxiety was an additional unexpected gift.”

– D.M., Mother of a former Lighthouse Student