Fifth Grade

fifth-gradeReading, spelling and composition, grammar and letter writing, poetry, fractions, decimals, freehand geometry, study of plant kingdom, physical and economic geography, ancient civilizations through Greece, chorus.

Fifth Grade Main Lesson: Geography

The fifth grader has enhanced his recent gains in consciousness and has grown more accustomed to being an isolated self and seeing the world in a new perspective. Geography emphasizes contrast. Every consideration of the earth's physical features is linked with a study of the way human life has been lived in the region, and the human uses of natural resources, the industry and produce. Through lively descriptions, map-making projects, reading assignments and reports, students learn about physical, economic and cultural conditions of different areas. They grow to appreciate the diversity of human life upon the earth.

Fifth Grade Handwork

Review knitting skills Knitting in the round with four needles: Turning a heel, Shaping a thump gusset