First Grade

first-gradePictorial and phonetic introduction to letters, reading approached through writing, arithmetic: introduction to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, fairy tales, folk tales and nature stories.

Main Lesson: Introduction to Writing/Reading

First Graders have an imaginative consciousness that allows them to see pictures in everything. Letters of the alphabet are introduced through stories and images from which the children draw pictures that embody the basic shape of each letter. A swan may be transformed into an "S", a mountain into an "M", and so on. Students then write out and illustrate the stories and verses they have learned. Having mastered the letters and the sounds, they are now ready to read what they have written.

First Grade Handwork

Handling of wool yarns Winding a ball properly Finger knitting and braiding Knitting: casting on, casting off, knitting in garter stitch, changing colors, counting stitches and rows, finishing projects and weaving in of ends, making of knitting needles