Second Grade

chalkboard-planReading and writing, multiplication tables, numerical patterns and forms, continuation of the 4 processes and introduction to place value, legends, fables and nature stories.

Main Lesson: Fables and Legends

Second graders are becoming more aware of themselves and their world and can begin to probe beneath the surface of the stories they hear. The curriculum for this grade includes fables and legends. Fables depict aspects of the human being through animal characters, legends of heroes, holy men and women portray the nobler aspects of the self. After hearing a story the students retell and discuss it, then write it down and illustrate it, creating their own beautiful books.

Second Grade Handwork

Continuation of knitting: Addition of purl stitch, knitting in stockinet, ribbing, decreasing and increasing, Addition of yarn overs to create holes Butterfly cord Beginning crochet; introduce cotton yarns Working with color, i.e. light and dark