Third Grade

third grade classroom at Seacoast Waldorf SchoolThe hands-on experience of the Waldorf third grade curriculum has the students cooking, building, working with fibers, working with money, telling time, preparing soil, planting, tending, and harvesting, etc. Each activity has the purpose of connecting the child in a very concrete way to the material world. In addition, third graders continue reading and spelling, simple descriptive writing grammar, punctuation and parts of speech, cursive writing, while progress to multiplication with higher numbers, weight, and measurement.  The study of practical life - farming, housing and clothing - is introduced. Hebrew stories provide an introduction to history. Violin is taught and third graders continue to knit and crochet and simple embroidery stitch is introduced. Main Lesson: Practical Life More about Main Lessons The curriculum helps third graders to stay grounded during an important childhood transition (the nine year change) by leading them to a study of practical activities such as farming and house building. Like every subject in the early grades, these topics are introduced in a vivid pictorial manner; then they are developed and deepened through hands-on experience.