Support Our School

Seacoast Waldorf School exists through a combination of hard work, love and creativity - as well as the generosity and giving of teachers, parents, friends, family and community. To help support Seacoast Waldorf School:   All methods are tax-deductible.

Your Gift Provides...

The following are examples of what a tax-deductable annual gift can provide.
  • $25 Funds additional Parent Library Resources.
  • $100 Funds the purchase of handcrafted, all natural play toys such as a baby doll for the nursery classroom.
  • $250 Funds adding a fitness component to the playground for the upper grades.
  • $500 Funds circus arts program equipment such as unicycles, juggling equipment, balance boards, etc. for grades 5 - 8.
  • $1,000 Funds the beginnings of a school library.
  • $5,000 Funds a sponsorship of the Eurythmy Movement Program* unique to Waldorf schools.
* Eurythmy is speech made visible. Students in all grades learn Eurythmy, a dance-like art form in which music or speech is expressed in bodily movement. Some characterize it as "visible song" or "visible speech." Eurythmy was developed by Rudolf Steiner and is a part of the curriculum of all Waldorf schools. Children respond to its simple rhythms and exercises that help them strengthen and harmonize their bodies. Older students work out elaborate eurythmic representations of poetry, drama and music, thereby gaining a deeper perception of the compositions and writings. Eurythmy enhances coordination and strengthens the ability to listen and to work as a social group. One of the great dynamics of money is that it grounds us, and when we put money behind our commitments, it grounds them too, making them real in the world. We can wish for better schools, a clean environment, and world peace; we can even volunteer, but when we also put our money behind those intentions, we become really serious about them. Money is a great translator of INTENTION into REALITY, VISION into FULFILLMENT. - Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money

Why do we fund raise?

Seacoast Waldorf School, like other independent schools, relies on gifts from Annual Giving to make up the difference between tuition and the actual cost of educating our students. Tuition is about 80% of the true cost to educate a student. In other words, we need to raise approximately $2,000 for each child each year to keep the budget in tact. Keeping tuition affordable helps build a diverse and healthy student body and school community. Tax-deductible gifts from individuals and corporations provide for the current year's operating budget and go directly toward expenses such as teachers' salaries, facility needs, classroom supplies and tuition aid. Financial giving to the school supports our growth and allows us to remain accessible to families of many different economic circumstances.

We are thankful and welcome contributions of your time, services and financial gift of any amount.