Seacoast Waldorf School Presents Cymatics (come see what all the noise is about)

Seacoast Waldorf School proudly presents: Cymatics: The Beauty, Art and Science of Visible Sound!

A multi-media presentation, Thursday, Sept. 12th, 7:00pm-9:00pmcymatics

By poet, producer and publisher, Jeff Volk with musical accompaniment by flutist Ellen Rondina. Seacoast Waldorf School 403 Harold Dow Highway, Eliot, ME 03903 $10 Sugg. Donation. For more information call 207-439-7911

Cymatics, the study of wave phenomena and vibration, is a scientific methodology demonstrating the transformational nature of sound. This fast-paced, wide-ranging presentation will weave startling scientific artistry with poetry and music. It is sound science at its finest and it is amazing!

  • SEE sound structure matter––as audible frequencies animate inert powders, pastes and liquids into life-like flowing forms and figures found throughout nature and in the sacred art and architecture of the world'sWisdom Traditions.
  • HEAR the mellifluous strains of MusiCure,™ music specifically composed and clinically proven in therapeutic environments in Scandinavia.
  • HARMONIZE as we bathe in the therapeutic atmosphere provided by Ellen Rondina, Principle Flutist for the Portsmouth Symphony, along with the panoply of sounds she offers through her practice, Kamala Sound!
Jeff Volk––poet, producer and publisher, has been popularizing the science of Cymatics for almost 30 years, reissuing Dr. Hans Jenny's groundbreaking Cymatics books and Jenny’s original films on DVD. Volk’s 1992 documentary, Of Sound Mind and Body: Music and Vibrational Healing, won the Hartley Film Award through the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Its phenomenal success inspired him to produce The International Sound Colloquium, the premier conference exploring the power of sacred sound and healing music. Ellen Rondina––musician and educator has been performing professionally for almost 30 years and has been teaching for 20 years. Principal flutist for the Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra, she also studied drumming in Ghana, West Africa. Kamala Sound offers music education, music performance, life coaching, wellness workshops, and healing work.