Nursery, Preschool and Kindergarten Programs at Seacoast Waldorf School

Early Childhood Programs at Seacoast Waldorf SchoolAll children possess the gift of a fresh, natural sense of wonder. At Seacoast Waldorf School, young children ages 18 months to 6 years old, are free to explore and play in an environment that allows their childhood gifts to unfold in a gentle atmosphere of beauty, natural elements and human warmth. Because young children are so deeply connected to and imitative of their environment, at Seacoast Waldorf School special care is given to create a play environment that is beautiful, unhurried and secure.  We observe a daily, weekly and seasonal rhythm in our early childhood classrooms. Our intent is to provide a home-like setting that encourages the unfolding of the imagination through rich exposure to language, culture, creativity and the natural world, while also introducing literacy, math and science. Seacoast Waldorf School early childhood programs include:
  • Parent-Child Program  The parent-child program, for children 18 months to 3 years, offers a gentle introduction to the group setting and a welcoming space for parents and children. Here, children can explore and experience an early childhood morning supportive of free imaginative play, healthy self-initiated movement, and imitation. Offered throughout the school year, this 6 – 10 week parent/child playgroup meets one morning each week.
  • Sandpiper Nursery The nursery child may be ready to explore a slightly wider world, moving from classes with parents to their own nursery class, where children can begin to test their new sense of self more independently in an environment designed to nurture and support their continued unfolding. The Sandpiper Nursery, offered for children ages 2 to 4, serves children in a caring, rhythmical environment adhering to the Waldorf curriculum for early childhood with materials and furnishings classically Waldorf.
  • Beachpea Nursery The Beachpea Nursery, for children 2½ to 4, offers both a 3-day and a 4-day program. Children entering our Beachpea Nursery class find a sanctuary where they can confidently move, play and explore in a homelike environment with experienced educators prepared to support their development with a peaceful, caring approach.
  • Pre-K / Kindergarten  The mixed-age kindergarten, offered for children ages 4 to 6, offers a life-enriching, caring environment, that allows children to learn through imitation, sense impressions, purposeful play, storytelling, and practical and artistic activities. Learning in the kindergarten fosters a strong sense of self and relationship to the world, as well as capacities for creative thinking and healthy movement.
Learn more about these programs. Request more information here: [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] Seacoast Waldorf School is located in Eliot, Maine, just 10 minutes outside of Portsmouth, NH, Dover, NH and 15 minutes from York, Maine.