Sports Illustrated Reporter to Speak at Seacoast Waldorf School

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Keep Your Kid in the Game!  
Friday, April 11th -  7pm
How to Strike a Balance Between Fun and Performance in Youth Sports:  a lecture by Sports Illustrated reporter Luis Fernando Llosa
Three out of four kids quit youth sports by the age of thirteen and orthopedic doctors are seeing a dramatic increase in serious repetitive sports injuries in kids, previously reserved for professional athletes.  In this talk we examine common problems which can curtail a young athlete's development and find out how you can keep your kids enjoying sports in a healthy way. 
Beyond Winning: Smart Parenting in a Toxic Sports Environment (Lyons Press), co-authored with Kim John Payne (Simplicity Parenting) and Scott B. Lancaster (former National Football League youth sports director) is a candid, practical guide to help parents navigate the fanatical, results-obsessed world of youth sports. On Friday night, April 11th, co-author of Beyond Winning Luis Fernando Llosa speak at the Seacoast Waldorf School highlighting his concerns about youth sports today and offer suggestions for change.
Tickets can be purchased online here or by calling Seacoast Waldorf School at 207-686-3140.
Luis Fernando Llosa PhotoMr. Llosa has made more than 500 national and local television and radio appearances, including CBS Evening News, CBS Early Show, CNN, FOX, FOX News,  Nancy Grace, Univision, and CNBC, NPR, ESPN Radio and The Jim Rome Show to discuss sports-related issues.  An award winning former Sports Illustrated reporter, Luis Fernando Llosa exposed Little Leaguer Danny Almonte’s 2001 age fraud, which was ranked among the top ten sports scandals of the past century. Llosa was also the most sourced journalist in the Mitchell Report on Steroids in Major League Baseball and broke stories on boxer Shane Mosley’s use of EPO and testosterone and the federal indictment of New York Mets clubhouse employee Kirk Rodomski. In 2008 he co-wrote “Sins of a Father” a Sports Illustrated exclusive about a 13-year-old in-line skater injected with HGH and testosterone by his father, who became the first parent ever convicted and jailed for providing his child with steroids. That story was sent to every member of the U.S. Congress during the Roger Clemens hearings and referenced in those proceedings.
Location: Seacoast Waldorf School 403 Harold L. Dow Highway, Eliot, Maine 03903
Date & Time:  Friday, April 11th  7pm
Cost: $15 per ticket.