The Unplugged Classroom

Last week, published Education without electronics, the unplugged classroom still works, an article on the ongoing debate as to whether or not technology enhances the educational process.  To-date, there is no clear evidence that technology leads to better test scores or other measurable gains for young students. According to New York Times reporter Matt Richtel (In Classroom of the Future, Stagnant Test Scores, September 3, 2011 proper citation), “In a nutshell: schools are spending billions on technology even as they cut budgets and lay off teachers, with little proof that this approach is improving basic learning.”unplug At Seacoast Waldorf School, we take great care in structuring an environment for children where wonder and imagination thrive.  Younger children are told stories by their teachers, requiring them to create their own mental pictures and imaginings, rather than viewing an image created by someone else. As the article concludes: At Waldorf Schools, they don’t denounce technology, but they don’t use for its own sake either. Looking back on your education, do you remember great devices or great teachers?