Third Graders Continue Farm Studies with Trip To NH Farm Museum

Third Grader grinding corn to feed the chickens at NH Farm Museum

Third Grader grinding corn to feed the chickens at NH Farm Museum

On the heels of last month’s three-day farm field trip at Wolf’s Neck Farm in Freeport, Maine, last friday, third graders at Seacoast Waldorf School paid a visit to the New Hampshire Farm Museum.

The New Hampshire Farm Museum sits on two adjoining farmsteads situated on 50 acres located on Plummer’s Ridge in Milton, New Hampshire.  There, the children had the opportunity to learn about three centuries of farm life in New Hampshire.

The morning was spent meeting the chicken, goats, sheep and pigs on the farm and exploring the historic Jones house and tavern, followed by a tour of the three-story barn filled with an incredible assortment of farm tools, wagons and sleighs. The third graders also helped grind the corn to feed the chickens and churned cream to make butter.

3501Farming and gardening, along with arithmetic, language arts, measurement, shelter and house building, German and Spanish, and music and the arts, is a core focus for Waldorf third graders. In learning how the gardener and the farmer live and work, students learn how animals and humans depend upon the earth’s soil and how they make best use of it throughout the yearly cycle of seed, to plant, to food, to compost, then back to seed .

3483Following the experiential learning offered in field trips to NH Farm Museum and Wolf’s Neck Farm, the third graders will take their practical knowledge back to their outdoor classroom at Seacoast Waldorf School and, this coming Spring, will plant an array of organically-grown vegetables in the school’s raised garden beds.

This fall, Seacoast Waldorf School students harvested eggplants, potatoes, kale, tomatoes, squash and more. Once the crop was ready for harvest, the vegetables were shared by all students and used in each of the classrooms for a weekly pot of Stone Soup.