Events & Festivals

Festivals are a vital part of Waldorf Education. They provide nourishment to the individual and bring the community together in meaningful ways. The festival is an anniversary that brings to a community the richness of story and song, light and food and celebrates our shared humanity. Expressing our ageless struggle from darkness toward light, each festival is a mood, an attitude, an experience; it is a social expression that reflects and celebrates an entire season.

Many festivals are celebrated community-wide. Others may be celebrated within the curriculum presented in the grades.  Additional assemblies and community gatherings add to the richness of the year.

School Day Festivals and Special Events

All School Picnic 
An end of summer tradition, a time to reconnect with friends, meet new families, and enjoy a picnic dinner together. Parents and family are welcome to participate in this event.

First Day Celebration & Rose Ceremony 
A welcoming ceremony for the new first grade class and a short introduction to each grade’s upcoming year.

First graders performing a Michaelmas pageant

Michaelmas Festival  
A celebration of our ability to overcome the challenges that face us in life.  Together, all of the grades work, perform a pageant (St. Michael and the Dragon) and share a community meal. Parents and family are welcome to participate in this event.

Halloween is not a school festival day and is celebrated simply and at the discretion of each class teacher.

Santa Lucia  
This festival of finding light at the darkest time of year is celebrated by the 8th graders singing their way through the school and into each classroom, dressed in traditional costumes.

Lantern Walk (Early childhood and grades 1-3 family event)
First and second grades walk a wooded path with their handmade lanterns which represents the  carrying of our light and strength into the darkness of winter.

St. Nicholas Day 
A fun way for students to have their good deeds and waiting-to-be-improved habits recognized! Students will leave their shoes out the night before and St. Nick will leave them a goodie.

Winter Spiral (Early childhood and grades 1-3 family event)
The children walk a spiral of evergreen boughs and light a candle — a reminder that in the darkest time of the year we keep a light kindled within. Parents and family are welcome to participate in this event.

Winter Concert
Parents and family are welcome to participate in this event.

Knighting Ceremony and Medieval Games (teacher will indicate whether parents are invited) 
Reflecting their history study, 6th graders experience a coming-of age knighting ceremony, and play a variety of thematically inspired games.

Having honed their pentathlon skills, the 5th grade travels to join other regional Waldorf schools’ 5th grades to share their accomplishments.

Barn Dance 
Parents and family are welcome to participate in this event.

Class Plays
Each class performs a play during the year. Performance dates and times will be shared with parents by the grades teachers. Parents and family are welcome to participate in this event.

Parent and Family Evening and Weekend Events

Grades Workshop (parent event) 
All parents are welcome to learn about and experience aspects of adolescence found in the upper grades curriculum.

All School Meeting (parent event) 
All parents are urged to attend this important evening of information and inspiration.

Holiday Fair
A holiday tradition filled with good food, good fun,  and good goods!

Fairytale Morning

A free morning event for children under age 7 with puppet shows, live entertainment, dress up, food and crafts.

Spring Gala (parent event) 
Parents and supporters of Seacoast Waldorf School gather for a festive evening event featuring great food, entertainment, and an auction event for the benefit of the school.

May Faire
Seacoast Waldorf School welcomes the arrival of spring each year with a traditional May Fair. In our community-wide celebration, we raise the maypole, around which our students present traditional dances and other offerings to the public. Live music, healthy foods, crafts, and imaginative activities for children abound. Parents and family are welcome to participate in this event.

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