Third Grade

Third Grade

In third grade, children experience a new sense of self.  ‘Who am I in relation to others and to the world?’

In Waldorf education we recognize this stage of self-discovery as the nine-year change. New capacities for thinking and judgment are emerging. The younger child’s experience of the unity of all things matures into the third grader’s awareness of a distinctly separate inner life. Strong opinions emerge as they develop a more realistic view of everyone and everything around them.

– Learning cursive handwriting
– Dictation practice
– Writing a simple story independently
– Beginning library use and research protocol
– Weekly spelling quizzes and vocabulary development
– Develop understanding of basic sentence structure

– Hebrew, farming, and historical fables
– Independent reading and daily reading in groups or with partners
– Introduction to the basic parts of speech; noun, verb, adjective and adverb
– Reviewing stories to develop comprehension and sequencing

– Farming and gardening: growing and cultivating; food rhythms in the cycle of a year
– Introduction to measurements: calculating distance, capacity, weight & time
– Memorization of the multiplication tables
– Daily practice with the four basic operations and multiplication tables
– Introduction of multi-digit multiplication
– Introduction of long division

– Hebrew language, culture, rituals & history
– Shelters: climate and location of ancient and modern building techniques
– Grains: importance in global nourishment and world cultures

– Block book motifs from stories and nature
– Beeswax and plasticine modeling 

– Weekly German and  Spanish lessons
– Develop memory, language, translative thinking and vocabulary skills

– Crochet to strengthen the dominant hand,
– Three-dimensional project such as a pouch, hat or hand puppet

– Music literacy through story
– Singing in unison; begin singing in rounds
– Pentatonic flute & diatonic recorder
– Beginning strings instruments

Introduce organized physical games with rules and strategy