Tuition & Fees

Tuition is set by the Board of Trustees at a level to allow the school to be financially accessible to all families while also meeting the cost of operations.  Financial Aid is available starting in the 2nd year of Kindergarten. The Financial Aid program is 100% need based and generous, up to 50%.

For the 2018-2019 school year, the tuition and fees are as follows from our Early Childhood programs through our Elementary School and Middle School.

Payments for the school year can be scheduled annual, bi-monthly, or monthly.

(All costs per year, unless otherwise noted).



Lighthouse Parent/Child Programs

Ages 12 months – 3 years 1 day per week, 6 – 10 week sessions, fees vary depending on session.

Lighthouse 2016-2017 Application

Financial Aid Information

Seacoast Waldorf School values diversity of all kinds, including economic, and offers need-based financial aid to qualified families. While the school cannot offer financial aid on Early Childhood tuition, it does offer tuition assistance to full time students in second year Kindergarten (enrolled 5 days until 3pm) through the Elementary and Middle school. Although funding is limited for financial aid, the Financial Aid Committee does its best to meet the needs of individual families and has the authority to offer gifts of up to 50% of tuition costs. Seacoast Waldorf School uses TADS Tuition Management Services to process financial aid applications. To apply for financial aid, TADS provides the following worksheet as a guide to help you prepare your application information.

Financial Aid Worksheet

After completing the worksheet, click here to apply for financial aid.

Sibling Discounts

For families enrolling an additional child, a five percent (5%) tuition discount is applied to a second child enrolled in the school, 10% for a third child and 15% for fourth child or more. Sibling discounts are available only to those students not receiving financial aid.

Tuition Refund Program

What Is the Tuition Refund Program?

Tuition Refund Programs have long been implemented in private schools and universities across the country to create a win-win situation for schools and families. Each family benefits knowing that in the event of early withdrawal the fund would cover 60-80% (see below for defined benefits) of their remaining tuition obligation. Programs also protect the school against unexpected operating income losses due to early withdrawal thus providing all families with a financially stable school for their children.

The Seacoast Waldorf School Tuition Refund Program is a reserve fund administered by the school and funded with a 2% tuition fee on all tuition dollars owed. Funds will only be withdrawn to cover unexpected tuition losses.

SWS requires 100% participation in the plan and the Tuition Refund Fee is automatically applied to each tuition dollar owed to the school. The cost is already included in your annual tuition price.

How Does the Program Work?

In the event that your family needs to withdraw from the school for any reason the Tuition Refund Program would cover 60-80% of any remaining tuition owed to the school. The family would then make a final payment of the resulting balance, within 30 days. If your family prepaid tuition in full then you would receive a refund of 60-80% of your prepaid tuition.

What are the defined benefits?

  • For withdrawal due to sickness or injury​ remaining tuition is refunded/discounted 80%
  • For withdrawal due to mental health​, remaining tuition is refunded/discounted 60%
  • For any non medical withdrawal​ remaining (e.g. change of objective, financial hardship, voluntary withdrawal, student dismissal…), tuition is refunded/discounted 60%

“Please log in to your TADS account and view your Tuition Agreement Contract for more detailed terms and conditions of the program.”