Middle School Programs

Middle school meets the student on the cusp of adolescence, as they begin to experience a new feeling of weight and gravity in their bodies.

Our middle school curriculum and programs are designed specifically to meet the unique emotional and social needs of young adolescents. Students are guided through an exceptional integrated curriculum of math, science, humanities, world languages, movement, and the arts – all of which serve to foster independent critical thinking and personal initiative.

Students’ awakening intellects are ready for critical and objective thinking, knowledge of cause and effect, and more refined observation, which they experience in academic main lesson blocks, with themes such as the Renaissance, physics and the history of algebra. Their budding emotional lives blossom through positive and concrete modes of expression, which include the study and writing of poetry, literature and biographies. They experience a dynamic interplay of knowledge of self and the world as they engage in a wide variety of arts – from painting, sculpting, woodworking and orchestra and chorus to the annual production of a class play.

At Seacoast Waldorf School, the developing adolescent is shown the value of strong human connections and powerful artistic expressions as they craft their own sense of self identity.