School Cancellation Info

Located in Maine, there are bound to be one or two (or ten) snow days each winter.

School cancellations and delays will be posted right on the home page.

In the event of extreme weather and possible cancellation or delay the following information and resources will help you:

  • We close when RSU 35 / SAD 35 (South Berwick & Eliot) closes and our name (Seacoast Waldorf School) will be announced. Frequently RSU 35 closes and Portsmouth doesn’t because of varying weather patterns
  • A delay applies to the whole school. If school is delayed, there are still early childhood classes.
  • Afternoon Programs and Extended Day Care will be offered in the event of a delay but not if the whole school is cancelled for the day.
  • Afternoon Programs and Extended Day Care will be cancelled in the event of early dismissal.

For cancellation notices:

  • Listen to WERZ, 107.1 FM or WOKQ, 97.5 FM
  • Go to the WOKQ website and look for Seacoast Waldorf School.
  • You can also call the school at 207-686-3140 and listen to the voicemail. The message will be changed to reflect a closing or delays by 6:30 a.m.